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Sunningdale already Xingruliehuo, this seven days to completely burst out of anger, shouted: "in Omori, you are the scum, you do not close the eyes not of a stubborn, confessed to send you money, what kind of people! "[Richmond]


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Wu Hongfei Naken Ganxiu good strike, immediately ordered the Municipal Public Security Bureau Liu Wenyi send the police to surround the "White Swan Hotel", although also affected by ** brother Liu Wenyi Li Lao five restraint, but did not dare to violate the commands Wu Hongfei, he was not personally go into action, then ordered Shahe District Public Security Bureau Hancheng Peng band will "White Swan Hotel" round lack surrounded. Han Chengpeng see trouble is Yang, but this time there is Wu Hongfei In this he was not spared. See Wu Hongfei Yang refused to give up, only to Li Lao five for help. [Lubbock]

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What if it was enough? We looked at each other, it was a look of anger. What is at this time, a look of embarrassment and helplessness look. Really people are poor ambition, even signed the so humiliating "Boxer Protocol."[Jersey City]



Come baby, Snow business took the hand of Tintin, aunts take you to sleep, tomorrow Dad take you, ah?[Saint Paul]

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